in the world of HOMO NUMERICUSTM

Over the pass two decades, we are witnessing a period of profound transformation altering our reality and our relationships to the World.

This transformation is the end result of the interplay of 3 structural phenomena:

  • The assertion of open and integrated world trading market.
  • The digitalisation of all available information and the emergence of digital-only operating systems.
  • The amazing ‘web technology’ that connect and provide customers the access to all this information.

Thereupon, the end consum’actor can do his shopping, all his purchases, order, request delivery, book, organize, get informed, get cultivated and live, by intensively using these new technologies.

We are in the midst of a Revolution which is tremendously transforming the way we live, work and relate to the World and to one another. In its scale, scope and complexity, this transformation is unlike anything humankind has experienced before.

“From a corporate business perspective, understanding this Revolution and the digital challenge is not different from any other challenge facing a business on an evolutionary path, if succeeding is still the primary goal.”


cannot be defined by a specific age, category or gender mix, but by his ability to adopt and apply new technologies.

Welcome in the ‘multi-screen’ World, welcome in the ‘Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere’ World, welcome in the HOMO NUMERICUSTM World.

A hyper-connected, highly informed, shared-experience generation, evolving to the position of a power player businesses can’t afford to ignore, and reshaping the consum’actor  landscape.


Billion people are connected to internet


Billion people are connected to social network


Billion people on Facebook every month


hours time spent per adult on internet everyday


Mauritians are connected to internet


Mauritian are connected to social network


Facebook profiles in Mauritius


Mauritian are connected everyday

“Ultimately, Marketing is the activity and process of creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging product and service offerings that have value for consumers, partners, employees, owners and the society at large, by resolving human anxieties and performing at the societies’ functional, emotional, as well as spiritual levels.”

Digital Age

has provided to customers an abundance of information and opportunities, combined with a platform to share personal experiences and recommendations across all possible topics.

Well-armed, Customer 3.0 has changed the game on businesses by no longer accepting the role of a passive recipient for marketing communication. They want businesses to precisely find them and effectively engage with them by providing information, enlightening the customer experience and building trust.

With the consum’actor in control, we need to manage through a more complex environment and enable, enlist and empower customers to communicate and advocate for the brand.

Guiding the right customers throughout their journey, from awareness to ultimately advocacy after purchasing:

Inbound Marketing Ecosystem WDK

Time for Branding in the Inbound Marketing Age!

We Drive Konnektion
between our clients and their clients

Inbound Marketing

is extremely powerful, giving to the searcher/consumer the exact answers they are looking for, at the precise moment they are needing it.

It means that strategies and techniques need to be made coherent and specifically accurate at every stages. Specialization is vital and we do it well through the foundation of your Expert Dream Team.

WDK Solutions is a multi-expertise consulting firm and platform, specialized in Business Development, Brand Strategies, Content & New Marketing Solutions, Front/Back end digital applications, Sales Strategies & Tools, and Production Services.

Client Objective Driven, all our endeavors work towards the same goal,  resolving the homo numericustm equation:

The right Brand Storytelling – The right Marcom’ Ecosystem – The right Targets

WDK Solutions’

  1. Understanding the market

  2. Business development,
    ROI & KPI Approach

    Alignment of our offer to the market realities

  3. Product USP & Positioning Validation

    Pricing Strategy

  4. Targets Identification,
    Profiling & Characterization

  5. Brand Purpose, Brand Identity, Brand World,
    Visual & Verbal Strategy

    Brand Consistency Across all Channels

  6. Marketing & Communication Strategy

    Validation of Marcom’ Global Ecosystem, Collaterals & Channels Content Strategy - 5A’s Strategy -  CRM Strategy

  7. Marketing Analytics

    Clients/Leads Nurturing Strategy -  4.0 Metrics (Brand Advocacy Ratio - Purchase Action Ratio)

WDK Solutions’

Jean-Luc Ahnee WDK
Jean-Luc Ahnee
CEO - Global Strategy Director
Julien Gonnin WDK
Julien Gonnin
Director of Digital Strategy

…and 8 qualified consultants managing your MarCom strategy’s investments

WDK Solutions’

…and 30+ freelancers specialized in various expertise, such as graphic/web design, mobile/web development, copywriting, photography/videography, event planning, media buying and so on…